Miami is one of the big melting pots of the world, and it keeps getting more contemporary artists every time. Being so close to South America and the Caribbean, it is no surprise it draws so many artists from these areas. Such is the story of a Brazilian woman, Lilian Beltran, who relocated from Brazil to Miami and opened the BOSSA Gallery. Because of the diverse culture it draws, Miami keeps rising in the Fine Arts and is becoming one of the most popular places for contemporary design. This gateway city to the rest of the world has brought and fused a large pool of cultures together; resulting in some of the most successful artists and artworks. Hence the opportunity of a Spanish painter, a German sculptor, and Brazilian photographer to join their work under one roof and create marvelous pieces that will be exhibited in the BOSSA.

Three Artists from different parts of the world have joined in a collaboration of their artwork to be exposed in the BOSSA Gallery starting May 12, 2016. BOSSA is located in the Design District of Mimi. It is a Fine-Art Photography gallery focused on distinguished and ascending Brazilian and American photographers.

Andres Ferrandiz, from Alicante, Spain, studied Art in Salamanca, and soon his work became very much desired. He won the San Marcos XV contest award in painting in 2011 in Salamanca and was the 2007 winner of the street-art contest in Oviedo. His art is a work of abstract expressionism, and he currently has three collections, Mis Tierras, Mancha Política, and A La Deriva.

904018-7The German artist Bianca Pratorius also takes a huge part in this project. She sculptures based on patterns and repetitions, in a very innovative and spontaneous, yet elaborate process. She uses various textiles and other materials such as felt for her three-dimensional work and translates those pieces into two-dimensions on canvas through mixed media and collage work. Her sculptures are mostly large-scale and draw her inspiration from architecture from both her hometown in Cologne and her new home, Miami. Her work has been exhibited in New York, London, Hong Kong, and all over Florida; including the Art Basel in Miami, and has a collection in the Four Seasons Hotel in the city.

Finally, Maritza Caneca adds the third element, photography, to the “Unconditionally Beautiful” project at the BOSSA. Caneca begins her career as film footage photographer in the 80’s and transcends to her own work taking shots of objects, empty spaces, and unexpected places to tell stories.

AAA AF Piscina San Francisco _ Maritza Caneca

This collaboration was sure to bring a very fresh approach to contemporary art. With Ferrandiz’s bold colors, Pratorious’ curious textures and shapes, and Caneca’s eye for a good image, they gave the city something new to be drawn to. At, were eager to see more of this and hope emerging artists and artworks keep adding to our vibrant city we call Miami.