We spoke with Fabio Palumbo in April about some of the most important art events that will take place in 2016 and his views on why each was important.


“The most important Exhibition for me is Art Basel, which is hosted in both Miami (December) and Hong Kong (May). The reason Basel is so important is because of the wide range of styles and artists that are showcased, as well as the possibility for collectors to not only view but also invest in both upcoming and established artists work.

Also, New York has a very influential event in May called “Frieze Masters” which showcases not only modern and historical galleries but the ancient era and Old Masters as well. The Frieze Masters event will also be traveling to London in October. The Frieze events not only show us some of the most influential works but also show us the importance of culture. “


Lili Botero Miami based artist

Fabio went on to discuss some of the other events taking place in 2016

“Another important fair is the FIAC (International Contemporary Art Fair), which takes place in Paris at the Grand Palais in October and showcases over a thousand artists and the latest developments in the contemporary art world. There are many more important events such as the Armory Show, ARCOmadrid,  TEFAF Maastricht, Artissima in Turin, Arte Feiera in Bologna and MiArt in Milan. The most important thing about all these events is that they help to confirm the relevance and importance of art and serve as venues for new and old talents to showcase their work and keep the art market thriving.

Mr. Fabio Palumbo has over 20 years in Investment Banking and is both a Financial Analyst and Investment Advisor for many art collectors and services who he provides financial, technical, and logistic consulting services. He started as a Financial Analyst for IBM in 1989 and became a Board Member Monrif Net S.r.L.(htpp://www.monrifgroup.net/).  He was an Adjunct Professor of Corporate Governance at the University of Cassino in Italy. He is currently an Advisor Board Member of UAU ART(http:/uauart.com/).