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If you were walking the streets of Rome and came to the Trionfale Market, you would have spotted the latest artwork “Popstars” from Diavù. This street artist explained that the paintings on the staircases were portraits of female movie stars and the last pieces to his series. Diavú, whose real name is David Vecchiato, did his work in that area as part of a cleaning up of the neighborhood initiative. On one staircase was featured Italian actress Anna Magnani in her role on the film Campo de’ Fiori. This project is part of an even bigger one organized by Ossigeno Festival. In three different public staircases, Diavú would paint famous actresses. This includes Ingrid Bergman and Michèle Mercier.


Born in Rome, Italy, as a young talent, he studied at the Academy of Belle Art (Painting) at the Art Institute. He is now an artist, curator, cartoonist, and musician. His work is the pure essence of Urban Art. Since the early 90’s, he has directed magazines, comics, and cartoons for Italian TV broadcaster. He has participated in multiple solo gallery exhibitions at the Puccini Theatre in Florence, “Welcome to Pepperland” in La Cueva Gallery, Milan, and just recently in 2015 with “The End is the Beginning” in Sacripante Gallery, Roma. His background includes multiple group exhibitions, performances, curated shows, and records. In 2014, Dave performed his piece “Roma Dice No”, or Rome says no, in the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.


Not only do we love Diavú for his artistic talent, but also for his compassion. Throughout the years, he has been using his skills for the greater good and helped out the community. Last summer, he painted the mural “Icarus” as charity to help redevelop the primary and secondary school Pio La Torre in Rome.

A selection of murals was also painted in 2014 to support the association “Cantiere Imperio”, to ask for the re-opening of a historic roman theatre that was closed 4 decades ago.

Find all about his work at (http://www.uauart.com/artisti/diavu/).


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