Miami, Florida May 2017.

The team at talks about the amazing artist Ewa Bathelier.

Ewa Bathelier born in Warsaw, Poland graduated from medicine school and later was introduced to her artistic career. Her paintings have been displayed in many galleries around the world including Ca’D’ Oro. As a scenographer, she made the stage and costume design for Beckett and Pinget’s plays in Berlin as well as other cities around Europe. She is also associated with poetic publishers in Poland who go by the name “Kwartalnik Artystyczny” with this influence at the palms of her career she has become imbued with appropriate emotions for her professional journey.


Ewa Bathelier has been exhibited in many places both in France & abroad. Her obsession with dresses for many years has made her come up with masterpieces that look dreamy. They form an energetic unsentimental sensual unwavering artistry. She acts as a medium adorning the inner and intimate passion for the dresses that create a whole new perspective on how she has made her scenography experience success.
Her work graces many galleries and leaves most of her fan fascinated by her light touch on the patterns and variety of subtle dresses she comes up with. The dresses have different texture alongside the obscured silhouette meshed in an altogether physical work who to some Ewa’s paintings remind us of the perfect beauty of the black swan and  as Gian Carlo Menotti says “Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers – and never succeeding.” To our team here at an Ewa Bathelier piece in your collection is a MUST, her work is Timeless.


Some of her work is associated with her passion for scenography and most of her work goes in the shape of dresses.  Ewa Batheliers has spent most of her life in France, she deals with portraying one of Frances most significant cultural exports, ballet and specifically ballet attire. Featherweight, floating in mid and acting as something iconic.
Her paintings display her brilliance through the masterpieces which are not provocative. Each of her paintings shows how her physiognomy changes from time to time, she depicts this in an artistic way that makes her masterpieces electrifying and only hints some sense of decoration. Some of her works include the Greek Tutu, Little New York tutu, Big White Dress, Orange tutu, Toscana Dresses and much more…

Ewa’s paintings are like a long poem and each painting represents a single stanza. The few faults are accounted for with the never ending variety of art. Rather than seeking perfection on her work, she is more focused on attaining her best and since her output is not confined she has surprised many with her gift.



Ewa Bathelier has spent most of her adult life in France despite being born in Poland in the year 1962. Her first commitments were to study medicine in her adult life and later during the nineties she was introduced to her artistic career. Little is known about the impedance she was met with during the unfoldings of her career life. Her intrinsic motivation has made her climb the ranks in the artistic world and now her art is auctioned on multiple website and galleries.
Over the years her work has brought out some cryptic work that seems to reflect an absence of present. The body is not located on the imprinted dress which gives it a timeless meaning.  As mentioned earlier her work is imbued with strong appropriate emotions. Many have aggressively pointed out that she is a perfectionist with an obsessive drive that understands the nature of what it takes to create such high details and those end up being her best artwork. Her exhibitions are widely recognized in most parts of the world and some of her work has been used to raise money for charities and another humanitarian fundraising. Her transnational work has a broad recognition in may aspects apart from the incredible artistic view.

Eva Bathelier keeps following her passion. Most of her effort are inborn with an inner strength and confidence that is hard to find in most artists. She has a well-lit imagination and clearly expresses her inner feelings through her works of art and as Anatole France says, In art as in love, instinct is enough.