Girolamo Macchiarelli

was born in Rome, under the sign of Scorpio in November of 1942, married with two children, she has had a successful legal profession for over forty years without neglecting all those parallel interests, such as travel, people, music and especially painting which for over ten years, is giving increased time and passion. In the late 80s he started attending assiduously Paris, his adopted city, first by “tourist”, then gradually more and more fascinated by the city itself and the atmosphere that you breathe, until you find a space for themselves in the Marais where paint and having friends in increasingly longer periodically – that passes in France.

Over time Paris becomes a central and comfortable place to give vent to those artistic aspects that Rome can not freely express because pressed by the constant professional commitment. In 2009 he decided to take a studio in Rome’s San Lorenzo district, first in a building built in the archaeological area of Porta San Lorenzo, then to the Pastificio Ceres, already known for its high density of artists who work there, with some of them intertwined now good friends. His work as a painter is now at the center of his interests and devotes most of his time and his energy, in a search for expression journey, pictorial and emotional languages that – albeit in a mature age – feels the urgency of experience. The vital energy that results is the answer to the doubts that he himself asks about this passion so determined and rejuvenating.



Fabio Palumbo
Fine Art Entrepreneur
Fabio Palumbo is passionate about fine arts and has found that Miami, Florida is a great location to start his fine arts business project because of all the up and coming talent as well as the attention that Art Basil has brought to the area. We encourage talented artists to submit their work to our team for our review and the opportunity of having their work showcased on our website. We also encourage interested publishers to contact us for more information on the opportunities we can provide for both investors and artists. Please contact us at 305 794 8526 or email us at