Miami, Florida 2017/Rome, Italia 2017.

The team at has a one and one with the amazing photographer & Up and Rising Talent, Marika Moretti.

Before we get deep in thought and explore what is it about this combined art form that you most enjoy?

In a photograph I love the presence of a memory or something that really happened, much better if it is a strong emotion felt, because of that I always need a naked body. The unclothed bodies take on a particular language, some tend to shame, others are bold and they want to be looked at. The body shapes and features dictated by nature and the lives of every owner cannot hide anything when it is naked and gives us a story.

That was an incredible Answer. Love your perspective. What was that first photography that led you to believe you could make this a career?

My first photograph was not naked but was a report in a nursing home, where I spent several months and here is where I noticed I was the loneliest in a group of elderly people which have become patients, stripped of their personality and their own suffering.

It was a very intensive work, every day I listened to stories and confused memories, it was as if they were children again being teased and then returned to their rooms to look at a fixed point on the ceiling. It was a job to which they are very fond of, and the first to grant me my first photo exhibition in 2012. So occasionally I returned to witness their change, sometimes someone leaves us, and I regret not being around to say my goodbyes.

What does photography represent to you & how would you like people to embrace it?

The photograph and the camera are an extension of my eyes and my senses, photographs tell my experience to anyone wishing to observe and imagine. My intention is to bring the user, for a moment, out of his life and in into my catapult.


Has this been your Favorite Project?

Yes, the project titled Letter to an animal, which is photographic work in black and white that portrays my naked body, by means of self-portraits and long exposure. Having difficulty to have a dialogue with my own body I decided to photograph it. At that time my mother got sick and I wrote this letter to ‘animal that grew in it’ (cancer). It is a  letter quite provocative and inviting, my body is discovered and maliciously trying to call him “the animal”. It was my first photographic work with a  naked body, from there, just watching the unstoppable metamorphosis of my mother’s body, I started to get interested in nude photography. From there begins my photographic research on body language, which continues today.

We find that Artists have a different balance of chemicals in our brain, that allow us to have bigger interpretations of the world around us. Is this something you transcend when you do an Exhibition?

My last exhibition was in ‘Italian Cultural Institute in Prague, I was very happy to participate in such an important reality where most people are professionals who are really interested in your work. It was a group exhibition organized by the Eleuthera Foundation which had chosen my picture on street photography. 

Now that we understand where your photography and passion for this art form comes from, What Do want other artists or people to take away as their memory of your work?
I do not think there is a particular main message in my work. Rather, feelings, small feelings that each of us at least once in their life has experienced. I firmly believe in the energy that each of us can transmit, our imagination and feelings. Perhaps it is the only common feature of all my works is the uncontrollable desire of humanity. 

Who would you have to say is your Idol Photographer, that who inspired you to pursue this art form?

The first person who gave life to my career is my father, a professional photographer; he was teaching me the basics of photography techniques and how to convey the right passion for photography. Three years ago, I started in the academy of fine arts in the branch of photography, the Rome University of Fine Arts in Rome, 
where I met the masters who were able to expand my knowledge and my love for photography. 

Another factor that has influenced my path is music that gives me a sound, a melody that can wake the soul. And finally, my idol and the favorite photographer is a woman named Francesca Woodman, from the US; we share a veil of melancholy, as well as the passion for the naked body. 


What’s next for Marika Moretti and where can People follow you to see your latest work? 
At the moment I’m working on a photo book called Femara, completely dedicated to the emotions of both a sick body and healthy body. For my future I hope to constantly maintain a course devoted to nude photography, to enjoy the little emotions and not become deaf. 

Thank you, Marika, It has been a wonderful pleasure chatting with you.


Our Goal For 2017 is to bring you artists that understand the reason or not behind the Kraft they work on. What’s important to us is to understand their why and see how can we help encourage other aspiring Artists to pursue what truly gets them going.


Marika Moretti reveals a passion for photography from an early Age. She Compares her first steps to her father, Angelo Moretti, who taught her everything about the photographic techniques. Then develops her own particular aesthetic sense, the fact of moments captured with precision, details often only hinted as a small memory to keep. She studied photography at RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts), determined not to give up her passion.