We talked to Fabio Palumbo recently about what has become “One of London best-kept secrets” which is a series curated exhibitions of contemporary art called “ARTUNER”. If you take a look around the site you will see it ARTUNER was founded in 2013 by Eugenio Re Rebaudengo. You will also see what separates ARTUNER is its hybrid approach in exhibiting works both online and through pop-up shows throughout Europe. 

Its exhibits are made up of everything from paintings, sculpture, photography to digital and installation pieces. It is a series of exhibitions of just about everything you can possibly imagine. It will definitely challenge its viewers when it comes to the question of “Exactly what is art” something both contemporary and modern artist have been doing for quite a long time.

Perhaps some people may not like everything they see, but they will at least be forced to ask themselves why they do not like it. Contemporary art has been said in the past that it’s not for everyone when actually this is not really true. Contemporary art brings us such a wide spectrum of art that it seems impossible the one could not find at least one work of art the like if they look long enough. 


Manuele Cerutti - Reaching - Installation shot .jpg

ARTUNER has not only a beautiful magazine, that has galleries of both past and present artists and their work shown on the site. They also have a calendar of upcoming exhibits: They also have a beautiful magazine where you can read more about some of the amazing artists that take part in ARTUNER shows, and read about the artist themselves.

Founded by Eugenio Re Rebaudengo in 2013, ARTUNER mounts curated exhibitions of contemporary art. ARTUNER has distinguished itself through its hybrid approach, exhibiting works both online and via pop-up shows throughout Europe.