Luciano Rabuske–Art Miami 6/28/2016.

A new form of creating art

Miami, Florida 2016. Passionate about art and promoting a clean environment, Luciano Rabuske, creates art by using algorithms to generate effects that transcend other traditional forms of art.Born in Brazil, a fifth Generation German – Brazilian, Luciano, who currently lives in Miami, is an integral artist who expresses his ideas through different forms of art and poetry. Luciano is the founder of the Association of Writers in Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul. His recognized Portuguese poetry has been featured at the Miami International Book Fair, Books, and Books store, the premier centers of Miami’s literary scene.

Fabio-palumbo-miami-Luciano-Rabuske“I’ve been drawing and appreciating art for many years. I have an inner force that drives passion and desire to express myself through art in fresh and new ways”. Luciano creates a variety of artwork such as sculptures, mixed media, installations, photography and digital art, which is the art form he enjoys working on the most.

“I did not want learn art in a traditional way as the most artist start: painting and drawing. It took my artwork to another level”.

“Color, depth, fog, forms, and light and different ways to manipulate new software create new shapes and images, also different kind of color hue. My innovative method produces intricate forms, using complex software to visualize atmospheric effects, combining the power of light and color to create mystical-seeming natural world”.

The process of creating digital art

Inspired by his life experiences, the colors of nature and observing people, it is through technology that Luciano transmits and transforms his creative ideas to unique pieces of art by using math formulas and algorithms.

The process followed by Luciano to create digital art basically consists of an “artist-direct” creative process, allowing the artist to stroke a vector-based path with bitmapped art brushes while breaking traditional boundaries.

Art and our wasteful society

Luciano evidences our wasteful society through the use of “found objects” which are bottle caps, various pieces of plastic and basically anything discarded from boats and ships. While Luciano was living in Highland Beach, Florida, he discovered a worldwide problem: the marine debris, which is anything from bottle caps, children’s toys single rubber shoes or flip flops, various pieces of plastic and objects discarded from boats, ships, and other ways of ocean pollutants. Luciano decided to make use of these pollutants in his art to contribute in a way to evidence this problem.


Luciano explained the different messages that he transmits through each art form:

Sculptures. – My sculptures are created to make a statement about our disposable society and excess consumerism.

Mixed media. – This form allows me to use everyday disposable objects, marine debris, photography, and digital art to make a statement about our wasteful society.

Installation. – My installations, like my sculptures, are a bigger expression of how society is wasteful utilizing more options; wind, the human form, larger objects, videos, light.

Art movies. – “Round Building” is about over development and my objections as to how even our historic buildings are disposable. “Ilha do Nascer” is about the spectrum that the sun produces as soon as it rises on the horizon. It almost invisible but increasing the speed 700 times we can see the effect of the light.

Photography. – I started photographing architecture, and then migrated to landscapes and abstract, setting miniatures in odd places.

Digital Art. – My digital art has evolved from my art movies and explores how humans are damaging the planet.  My latest work is about contemplating the possibilities of new worlds where civilization and technology have advanced beyond the human and technological state of the Earth today.

We will surely continue to hear more from Luciano’s work at Miami for his unique art pieces and for being an artist that is trying to make a difference while doing what he loves the most. You can read more about Luciano Rabuske and view all the different forms of art he has created at

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