Passion for Fine Arts in Miami

They say that when people identify what their passion is in life, they’ve found something they’ll naturally dedicate their heart and soul to. For Mr. Palumbo, passion means Fine Arts. Fabio Palumbo, Investment Advisor from Rome, Art collector of Contemporary Art, and Advisor Board Member of UAU ART has discovered all the art opportunities investors have in Miami.

One of these opportunities currently taking place in South Florida is “Lit” the Cornell Museum of Art’s. Located in 51 N Swinton Ave. Delray Beach. “Lit” presents an original exhibit of art pieces that have been created based on light and color.

16 artists constructed extraordinary illuminated pieces all inspired in “looking for the light at the end of the tunnel”.  A variety of materials such as glass, neon, copper and silver beads were used to lighten up the exhibit.




“You Are Here” by Olivia Steele is one of the pieces that lights up Cornell’s Museum of Art’s.

Olivia is known for creating cursive writing pieces in neon of clichés. Some examples are “See you on the other side”, “if these walls could talk” and, “let me love you”. Her work also stimulates the viewer’s thoughts and invites them to “consider the hidden emotions and unforeseen forces in a moment of reflection”.

Mark-Khaisman_The-Lady-with-the-Bag (1)


“The Lady with the Bag” by Mark Khaisman created his artwork by using translucent tape layered across a clear, backlit Plexiglas panel. Mark uses the combination of light and shadow to bring his pieces to life.

Artists, Schedule and other activities

The artists participating are Troy Abbot, Chris Bracey, Dominic Harris, Frank Hyder, Patrick Jacobs, Mark Khaisman, Claudia Meyer, Jason Myers, Meryl Pataky, Valentin Popov, Carol Prusa, Rubem Robierb, Erica Rosenfeld, Olivia Steele, Alex Trimino and Sam Tufnell.

“Lit” is open Thursday through Sunday from 10:00 am – 4:30pm. The admission is a suggested donation of $5.00.

On May 6, June 4, and July 1, you can visit Old School Square on Delray Beach’s First Friday Art Walk for a look at this glowing exhibition.

Fabio Palumbo Miami, Florida 2016