Talking about unique talent, Tim Bengel not only has a natural talent but is definitely gifted. Born in Ostfildern, in the near of Stuttgart, Germany, Tim’s passion for art began in his early adolescent years, winning his first prize at the age of 18. Tim Bengel’s ability to transmit his ideas to fine art pieces has allowed him to create unique work of art by carefully pouring different amounts of sand throughout a slowly drying sticky canvas with his hands and a scalpel to perfect the curves and edges of the figures. He begins by spreading black sand and bits of gold to form the figures that will stand out. He then spreads white sand over all the canvas to fill the empty spaces. It is until he lifts the piece that all the extra white sand falls off and you can appreciate the complete work of art.

Time Bengel Walter
Time Bengel Joel

By using this technique, Tim has created perfectly detailed portraits of people, buildings, animals and objects. We expect to have Tim’s fine artwork soon at Miami for everyone with a passion for art admire the results of the amazingly talented artist.

Tim Bengel’s current exhibition is taking place at Zwischen Daimler und VfB” / SPEISEREI, Arlberstraße 39, 70327 Stuttgart, Monday – Friday. 7:30 am – 18:00.

Mr. Fabio Palumbo has over 20 years in Investment Banking and is both a Financial Analyst and Investment Advisor for many art collectors and services who he provides financial, technical, and logistic consulting services. He started as a Financial Analyst for IBM in 1989 and became a Board Member Monrif Net S.r.L.(htpp://  He was an Adjunct Professor of Corporate Governance at the University of Cassino in Italy. He is currently an Advisor Board Member of UAU ART(http:/